An Instinct for Unity

I think it was George Carey, when he was Archbishop of Canterbury, who spoke about learning from the Catholic ‘instinct for unity’. As he saw it we had the ability to have profound disputes but remain united as one church, not fracture communion. I can’t help but think that this instinct is on the wane. Commentators regularly attack fellow Catholics, not excluding priests and bishops in the most aggressive terms. People are dismissed as ‘Sandalistas’, or as being part of a ‘magic circle’. This is all done in the name of ‘true catholicism’ and loyalty to Rome, not recognising that such divisiveness hits at the very heart of a worldwide communion.

The distinction between challenging someone’s ideas and attacking the person is a vital one and we lose it at our peril.


~ by countyfan on August 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “An Instinct for Unity”

  1. Why aren’t you writing more? We could use a fresh (and different) voice in the Catholic blog world.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been very busy but your encouraging post will spur me on

  3. I had no idea what it was but, to me, that is what it looked like. Sometimes a sense of humour is a good thing to have and is not to be confused with disrespect or lack of civility.

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