Accurate and noble translation

One of the, doubtless unintended, casualties of the new translation of the Mass is the Creed and, especially, the wonderful line ‘of one being with the Father’. Not only is this translation highly accurate it is theologically clearer than the latin is! It is replaced by ‘consubstantial’ a latinate word derived from the word it is translating but neither clear nor beautiful. And this is just one of the losses brought about by turning the translation process into a politicised battle.


~ by countyfan on August 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Accurate and noble translation”

  1. But, your translation “of one being with the Father”, which is what accurately translates “consubstantial”, is NOT the text in use, which is “one in Being with the Father”. We are all one in being on the Internet, too. That’s not the sense of the Greek or Latin Creed.

  2. I guess from your comment that you are in the US, certainly not in England. Here the translation is ‘begotten, not made,of one Being with the Father’. That is (just some of) what we are losing!

  3. You guessed correctly! Sorry, I didn’t realize these differences existed.

    Will you be missing: “And also with you”?

    I don’t know about elsewhere, but I don’t think that phrase was ever used in America (in any context) before it surfaced in our current translation.


  4. I’m certainly not enthusiastic about ‘And with your Spirit’. In English that sounds either new age or arty!

  5. You’re just not used to it yet. “And with your spirit” is much more accurate and theological. I’ll bet within a year, you’ll be used to it.
    Heck, I didn’t like it here in the US when they changed “This is the word of the Lord.” to “The word of the Lord.” I thought it sounded weird. But we got used to it, and now if you said it the old way, people would think it sounds odd.
    People are getting up in arms for no reason. The new translations of the Mass are much better, and we’ll be used to them soon enough.

  6. I am not saying that they aren’t better in parts. However, as I indicated in the original post, I certainly don’t accept that they all are. Using Consubstantial rather than ‘of one being’ is just clumsy. Bad English and bad translation. Of course ‘and with your spirit’ is more literally accurate. I’m not at all sure it is ‘more…theological’, or indeed quite what that means in this context.
    However my main point is that as soon as this issue was politicised we were bound to lose out.

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