Liturgy Wars

According to the Catholic Herald this week the new translation of the main Mass texts represents a ‘victory’ for those unhappy with the previous translation. I think the very fact that the language of ‘victory’ (and therefore, presumably, of defeat) is being used shows a serious problem. The liturgy has been turned into a place of conflict rather than Catholic unity. What good does it do the church to have a translation that, for many, will feel like a rejection and a defeat? Who wins from that?


~ by countyfan on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “Liturgy Wars”

  1. Indeed there is a serious problem. The Roman Rite has fallen and can’t get up under the mire of “translations”. Perhaps one should return to the first Father of the Council, Blessed John XXIII and heed his admonition on the place of Latin in the Liturgy, then perhaps we will understand and use well the permission granted by the Council itself regarding the vernacular.

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