Witch hunts

I wonder what Senator Joe McCarthy, the infamous hunter of communists with his ‘House Un-American Activies Committee’ would have made of the internet. What a wonderful instrument it would have been. Someone makes a remark and, within minutes, it is flashed around the world, (mis)interpreted, judged, condemned…

A priest at Mass dares to express his frustration with moves to bring abck the Extra-ordinary form of the Roman Rite (aka the ‘Old Mass’). His sermon is promptly published, with emphases and commentary, including the statement that ‘I am pretty sure that this observation will be passed along by my Roman readers’.  Passed along, that is, to the authorities. I am not saying I agree with what the priest said or how he said it. The point is this: what kind of church do we become if we follow the path of denunciation? Who does this serve? Surely not the vast majority of God’s faithful people.


~ by countyfan on August 7, 2008.

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